What does fashion & shopping mean to you? Honestly, we don't know! So we're heading out on a sleuthing ethnographic journey with our fun-loving curiosity.

We conduct our own surveys and create infographics based on the results in addition to posting original interviews weekly.

Shaista Justin (Poet, Writer, Producer) & Olivier Berger (co-founder at shopolate)


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    Director of Fundraising for the internationally renowned and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Médecins sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, Rebecca Davies leads the fundraising team for the Canadian arm of the organization and raises over $31 million annually (Canadian dollars). She has previously fundraised for Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation, Women’s College Hospital Foundation, and the University of Toronto. She writes actively in the field of fundraising. Find her incredible insights here.

    “In a war-zone, an MSF t-shirt can mean the difference between life and death.” Rebecca Davies,   Director of Fundraising, Doctors without Borders (MSF)

    When Rebecca Davies walks into her office

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    Q&A with Television Host and former Supermodel Monika Schnarre

    Former Supermodel Monika Schnarre was at 14, the youngest winner of the Ford Modelling Agency’s “Supermodel of the World” Competition. Not only has she graced the covers of Vogue, Elle & Flare Magazine among many, but has acted in block-buster films like “Total Recall,” and made appearances on long-running TV hits series: “Beverly Hills 90210” & “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

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    Survey based on 200 Women, June 2011.

    Q&A with REBECCA ECKLER: On Being a Yummy-Mummy

    Rebecca Eckler is the author of: “Up: Confessions of a Modern-Mother-to-be”, “Wiped! Life with a Pint-size Dictator”, “Toddlers Gone Wild”, “Mischievous Mom at the Art Gallery” and her most recent book: “How to Raise a Boyfriend.”

    We had the pleasure of asking Rebecca about her own journey as a mom and fashion-lover. As usual, she doesn’t hold back, and we love it! Thanks Rebecca!

    How do you think women’s fashion choices change during pregnancy? How does the change in the way they see themselves affect these choices? (Do they still want to dress sexily? etc)

    I dressed sexily, well, as sexily as possible. I would wear, for example, a purple bra showing under a dress or tank top with matching shoes. Of course fashion, or at least the clothes change. You get bigger!

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    How Women Shop, Talk, and Participate in Fashion Brands: In Conversation with Sean Moffitt Co-Author of Wikibrands

    “Women talk about influential brands all the time as a recommendation or referral to someone else…the stats are that a woman in an average week will mention a brand 170 times.” 

    —Sean Moffitt, Co-Author of Wikibrands (www.wiki-brands.com),

     In Sean Moffitt’s understanding of the new marketing landscape, the future of branding has a definite direction: “where a brand used to be something you loved or trusted, now a brand is something you want to participate in.”

    Moffitt believes that companies need to facilitate an online and social networking environment where everyone feels they have a say in the brands they care about. And so far, notes Moffitt, women speak the loudest: “Women and brand creation are a natural fit. They communicate  more intimately, widely and with more of their friends. They understand the medium of social networking natively.”

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    We surveyed more than 2000 women so far and fashion was defined as deeply meaningful (see previous info-graphics and interviews) However, in this last study, fashion is still perceived as superficial. is it peer pressure? cultural acceptance?

    Interview with Meagan Cignoli NY based Award-winning Fashion and Portrait Photographe

    An Image-Poet Amongst Photographers: The Moods of Meagan Cignoli

    I don’t fall in love with people, I fall in love with clothing.”—Meagan Cignoli (Award-winning Fashion and Portrait Photographer)

    A tanned girl in a beautiful vibrant dress reminiscent of Joseph’s coat of many colours appears simultaneously to sink and rise in waters so cool you can almost taste them off the page, and the background a lush jungle appearing to be held back (though barely!) from devouring the girl and picture itself. This is the work of Meagan Cignoli. Her images are seemingly simple but heavy with concept and visual luxury. She makes you think in story, she makes you think in poetry.

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    Around 200 women and 100 men surveyed few days ago

    For more go to : http://www.flickr.com/photos/shopolate

    Interview with: Sadia Zaman, 3X Gemini Nominee, Award-winning Broadcaster and Journalist

    Self-perception is a really powerful thing…being on camera challenges that perception.”

     — Sadia Zaman 

    “Fashion wasn’t a factor in the way I saw myself,” says Sadia Zaman, recently appointed Director at CBC News, of her start in journalism at the age of 19. What would be a prolific and award-winning career had its beginning at a small-town newspaper in Saskatchewan; a town close to the even  smaller town where Zaman’s family had immigrated only eight years earlier. Defining herself by her commitment to her work, she had little time or money to invest in her appearance. As a student journalist, it wasn’t apparent to Zaman that it was even necessary for fashion and journalism to intersect in her career. It wasn’t until she appeared on camera as a reporter several years later at CKTV in Regina that her perception changed: “The way we appear to others does matter,” she observed, “People judge on what they see.”

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    Incline of your influence:  How much does what you like to wear influence your friends purchase? 198 women answered to us how their purchases were influenced by what their friends liked online or in shops…. We better have good friends who knows what fashion is :)

    If you have questions on this survey (or any others we did) shoot us a tweet @shopolate or leave a comment!

    First Ever ? Fashion DNA decoded and 3D infographic from last week survey. Thank you caffeine. 

    A detail view from what factors (and their influence) women consider when they dress. Where are you in this DNA map?

    You can also check this infographic/analysis we posted a few days ago on fashionological : http://tumblr.com/xet23h2fgc

    What is our comfort level when we dressed differently from our neighbours or our colleagues or when we see a woman waering the exact same piece of clothing? 200 women response make me think that again we like to dress alike but we want to be unique….

    (we surveyed 200 women, April 2011)

    Interview with fairy-tale diva: OTHALIE GRAHAM

    "When they cast a diva, they are looking for a woman who men want to die for.

    —-Othalie Graham

    As a rising star of the international opera scene and the best known Black Canadian dramatic opera soprano, Othalie Graham already has the kind of career that most aspiring singers would kill for. Touted for her rendition of Turandot, her Wagnerian repertoire is as impressive in its vocal difficulty as it is physically demanding. Graham notes that her career took off when she took off almost half the weight on her body, a loss of almost 140 pounds: it wasn’t until then that she was offered a role in Tosca. Graham says that the idea that a thinner diva is more resilient is misleading: “I could do those roles at any weight, but

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    We dress alike but we want to look unique (201 women surveyed last week). We’re still navigating around the outcome of this survey and kind of surprise by the results. Are you? (thanks @FashTherapist for leading us to this specific analysis)  

    what influences how we dress? we asked 200 women to  rate from  0 to 10 how much some factors influence how they dress (weather was excluded). “Occasion” is #1 i.e” what are you dressing for” seems to be the most important factor (and spouse seems to be one of the least important!). 

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